BigK – Update 18 – On a roll!

For some of April and most of May I was in a funk.  A bunch of real life issues kept me from focusing on this project. I was also suffering from to much stuff on the table. Yes, there is such a thing.  If I have a mountain of metal that needs to be painted, I seem to wonder if I will ever get it done.

If I pack most of it away so I only see a little bit I seem to keep going.  One unit, One caster, a couple of solos (same paint scheme) or two or three jacks/beasts (again same scheme) seem to really work well.

Sunday was a good day.  I inspected the damage to Dumb.  A little paint, a little glue.  That took less than an hour.

Problem Child was close.  I worked on his right arm, glued it on.  Some touchup and highlights and he is done.

I need to thank Spud for posting a how to highlight black.  I went a little extreme on the idea but it works.

Monday night painting at the Whiz.  The normal epic guys showed up.  Then some new guys showed up to paint.  Pretty new, traded advice and suggestions.  It’s all good..

I had Dumber with me and a unit of Mechaniks.  I got the unit based.  Most of the time was on dumber.

Torso attached to legs. Painted head and shoulders, no dandruff.  Metal and red on the grenades.  Glued on the Carapace.  Black metal on the boiler.  Highlights on the black and red, black wash on the brass and black metal.  Drybrush a little Pig Iron on the boiler and Brass Balls on the pipes.

Keep you table clean.  Keep you goal reasonable and just do it….

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One Response to BigK – Update 18 – On a roll!

  1. JLumme says:

    Good to see you on a roll after a quiet phase.

    I agree that it is best to keep the visible work queue as small as possible. I started to really get my skorne rolling after I just took one list and started to paint just those figs I needed for that. I still have half of my skorne primed, but painting doesn’t seem daunting as I make visible progress.

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