BigK – update 17 – Can I look at that?

Great progress since last time.  Some work Friday night and at the Whiz this morning…

The Avatar of Menoth had some rework.  I did a lot of shading on the FIRE.  I used Thamar Black, Sanguine Base, Khador Red Base, Khador Red Highlight and Cygnus Yellow.  I didn’t like the white rivets, so I made them gold.  A coat of Irdrian Flesh then Solid Gold on the tips.  I also used the gold to do a little drybrushing to bring definition to the armor.   The smoke stacks have a lot of detail.  It was solid white.  I used P3 Armor Wash to darken it.  I redid the the vertical tips with a drybrush of Menoth White Highlight.  The boiler in back was purple, I made it steel with Pig Iron and added fire to the fire box under it using Menoth White Highlights and Khador Red Highlight.  I thinned the white and filled the deep part of the fire box, then I did the same with the red/orange.  Some white touchups too..

I still need to add some flames to the head.  The eye slot cries out for that.

Overall, Rob did everything I asked him to.  I am just so picky on how things look, I have to make a few changes.    Who knows, I may fiddle with the flames a little more too…

Problem child got some attention.

Khador Red Base, Khador Red Highlights, Cygnus Yellow, Thamar Black, Morrow White, Brass Balls, Solid Gold and  Pig Iron is the pallet for the BigK jacks.

The shoulder pads got done.  His carapace got dark metal and highlights.  I finished the shield and glued it on.  The lance is base coated and not glued on yet.

I think it looks good so far.  I tried several ways to do the shield and I finally decide on half and half.  I have not done the brass on the smoke stacks and boiler.

The lance will be black on the forarm, red on the knuckles, brass and red on the hand guard and a dark metal on the business end.  I took some time to putty the the butt of the lance.  The previous owner had cut it off.  I had the parts so I pinned it and fill it with green stuff.  I spent some time to day using a file to smooth it out.

I also finish Dumb.  Dumber may be jealous about now.  Dumb has his arms apart.  I will make Dumber with his hands together.

I did some more highlights on the carapace.  I really like the brass and red grenade launchers between the carapace and arms..

So after 4-5 hours of close detail work, I packed up.  Everything went into the canvas bag except Dumb.  I was walking out and on the the 40K kids ask “Can I look at that?”  He took it and asked a couple of questions.  He turned it over and he dropped it.  Nothing terrible.  Just knocked of the base and one elbow armor came unglued.  The kid looked like his dog died.  I told him it was nothing I couldn’t fix.  Talked for another couple of minutes, mostly to calm him down.

I must remember, if someone wants to take a look.  I need to hold it.  😉

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2 Responses to BigK – update 17 – Can I look at that?

  1. Dustin says:

    way to go not taking it out on the kid, the hobby needs more people like yourself.

  2. Robb Webb says:

    I think the flames are a little too dark now. But then again, I am a bit picky myself 🙂

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