BigK – Update 16 – Problem Child

A quick shout out to G’day and MenothJohn, being Shanghai’d into LHR was a blast…

My brainless Spriggan is back on the table.  First thing was attach the torso to the legs..

The torso has been bounce around and need some love’n ..  I did touch up on the dark metal mix(Thamar Black & Pig Iron).  I use Brass Balls for some of the pipes and armor. The Black Armor is Thamar Black and I highlighted the edges with a 50/50 of Thamar Black & Morrow White.  Some P3 Armor Wash on the Brass to emphasize the holes.  I may need some more of that..

I primed and glued in the head.  The top is Khador Red Base and Thamar Black.  The bolts on his head are dark metal mix.  The cylon eye is a mix of Khador Red Highlights and Cygnus Yellow.  I did a little bit of this on the edge top armor.  The chin is Brass Balls with a P3 Armor wash.  

I should have the carapace on next, then the arms.

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