BigK – Update 16 – On to the next

After some adventure at the painting desk.  It is never good to spray a black ink wash on the wall.  Not a little, but a lot.  Scrub a dub dub.  Lucky for me, it all came off.

I got the shading done on Dumb.  I have been calling the two Devastators Dumb & Dumber.  A mix of Thamar Black and Morrow White on the edge of the Black Armor.  Khador Red Highlight on the edges of the Red armor.  A little bit of Sanguine Highlights for any dark shadows on the red armor.  Armor wash on the boiler.

I might need a little more P3 Armor wash.  I need to do a dry brush of Pig Iron on the boiler and a yellow/orange glow in the fire box below  the boiler.

Well, which one next?  The logical choice is BigK, but Dumber and the Problem Child (Spriggan). Anyone have a preference?

The initial list to paint is still BigK, Problem Child, Dumb and Dumber and a six pack of Mechaniks.

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2 Responses to BigK – Update 16 – On to the next

  1. MenothJohn says:

    Fantastic paint job Monk! Needs more Dervish.

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