Flames of Reclamation – my history

Years ago, one of the local players wanted to get some pirates.  He was dumping his Menoth.  I got me some Menoth at a pretty cheap price.  Over the years, I have picked up a little more here and there.

I played a few High Reclaimer games in Mk1…

Enter Mk2, I did a GutsnGears podcast about Menoth list and made lists for the High Reclaimer.  The forums labeled his theme list as the worst.  I played it a few times and won as many as I lost and had a lot of fun with 16 or more spray attacks and Reclaimers with souls on them…  I had to proxy a lot so I stopped playing it.

G’Day proclaimed his HR love, painted it, played it and posted, posted, posted it all over Lost Hemisphere.  I got to see it and play against it at TempleCon.  A little jealous too…  Nice paint jobs..

One of the long time players at the Whiz (Rob) traded a six man unit of Cleansers.  Nice paint jobs, good bases.   

He paint for hobby money too.

So I have been feeding his habit to keep a consistent paint job across the army.  Now I have sixteen of these.  Soon to be twenty.

When the re-sculpt of the High Reclaimer came out I was talking with Rob.  We both like the new model.  He liked the idea of the dark cloth.  He suggested using the weapon as a light source.   Well, months later he got his chance to paint it.  

I really like it.  I have never tried painting a light source on the model.  If I do this one will be a guide on how to do it…  

Cremator is a two handed axe that is connected to the furnace on his back.  I really like the way this one looks like it is hot enough to set you on fire if it hits you, because it does…

A couple of months ago, I did a modification to the Avatar’s sword.  Does anyone think the Avatar’s sword is the right size?  I made it longer and used the extension to add flames to the blade.

Once again, Rob took the idea and ran with it.  He extended the flames to make them stream out behind the blade.   He also used the sword a light source.   I can’t wait to put this on the table.

I also picked up a Sunburst Crew.

A unit of Deliverers are comings soon.  The last for Cleansers and the Officer are in the pipeline.   I am still thinking about Zealots….  Reclaimers, Vassal Solos and a couple of more Jacks are locked in…

Maybe I can do some modification to a Castigator or two….   😀

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