BigK – Update 15 – Launch Aborted

When last we spoke, I had the Devastator build in such a way that the elbow armor would not fit…..

So I ripped the bugger apart.  Ripped it into many pieces.  Body, legs, hands, arms and elbows.  I spent some time removing glue from the pin and post connections between the hands and body.  A royal pain in the …….  I put the arms back before I attached the body to the legs.  You guessed it, I didn’t leave enough room to fit the legs between the arms…

More bad words.  I almost pulled out a golf club to see how far I could hit it.

As I look at it, I put the post straight up into the torso.  This is to close to allow the top of the Elbow armor to fit.  So I pulled out he the B.A.D. (BigA$$Drill).  I cleaned out the holes in the torso.  While I was doing this I changed the angle of the hole.  This puts the ends of the posts a little bit farther from the body.  I also repositioned the pin & hand connections.  I rotated the hands so they are not Hands straight up.  Now the thumbs are more pointed at 10:00 and 2:00.  This pointed the elbow armor away from the shoulders and it all fits…

I had to reprime some areas ( I use brush on primer )….

Then I started some touch up and shading…

Not quite done, but it is less likely to become an Astronaut.

It is a WHOLE lot closer 🙂

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