BigK – Update 14 – Good news/Bad news

Good news first, I got some painting done at home.  Stuff happens, I didn’t get as much done as I want.  Stuff happens.

I glued on the hands/arms.  I came back later to attach the elbow armor.  I didn’t have the arms positioned properly.  The elbows hit the shoulders.  So, I tried to bend the shoulder/pipe/arm connections to get the shoulder to fit.  No luck, the shoulder/pipe connect came apart.  Tried the other side, same results.

To make a long story short, I worked on it as long as I could without Launching it.

Fitting the shoulder/pipe/arm/elbow is hard because holding arm/pipe in place to ensure the elbow has room to fit is a real challenge…

If you Devastator construction experience, constructive suggestions are more than welcome.

Someone told me Khador was easier to build/paint than Skorne….. NOT!

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