BigK – Update 13

Time to be honest.  I had a picture in my head of how I wanted the jacks to look.  I wasn’t sure I could make the model look the way I wanted it to…

Travel, illness, work and a hundred other excuses be damned.  Just do it!!!

Monday night at the Whiz.  The usual crew, two epic painters, some Dystopian wars ships and such.

I tried to ensure I would not get distracted by only bringing one Jack to paint.  One of the Devastators.

Some touchups, put the shoulders on the body, then put the carapace on the shoulders.  Shading on the black and red.   I started to fit the arms.   Of course I screwed up again.  I had two right arms with me.  So, I will do that tonight…. I had painted the armor under the engine red.  The one in the back.  I kept looking at it and I didn’t like the way it looked, so that became black.

I tried to get a better set up for taking photos.  I set up two lights and a uniform background.

The phone camera allows me to get really low angle shots.  I realize that I put time in on details that most people won’t see.  /Shrug….

Grey shading is Thamar Black and Morrow White.  The red highlights and shading is Khador Red highlight, Sanguine base and Armor Wash.

 I think I have this the way I want it….   😀    Full speed ahead….

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One Response to BigK – Update 13

  1. Von says:

    Looks good. The black plates with metallic edging are a bit unusual, but it’s a very nice touch. Wish I’d thought of it on my Deathjack…

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