Painting Skorne – the devil is in the details

There are a lot of little things that make the model look so much better.   Look at the hand on the left.  Just a simple black was brings out the details in the hand.

The Black inside of the skirt.  I took a little Coal Black and Menoth White Highlight to lighten up the edge of the skirt.  I used the same mix to bring out the details in the fore arms, his back and the legs.

The edge of the skirt has the gold details.  I made sure that the bottom is a thin clean line vs the Thamar Black.  The transitions from one color to another take time, but that crisp edge show.  In complex armor, a thin black wash (Armor Wash with flow improver) does the trick.

Just a couple of more shots…..

Well, time to pack him up and ship him out…

Next time, Back to BigK  😀

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