Painting Skorne – Gold first

I have used this to paint Skorne for a while.  Here is a more recent update.

I was travelling for work, so I had four nights in a hotel.  No distractions.  So I pulled out the new Morghoul 2011.

Here is a how I put him together and painted the Gold, Black and Red.  This can be used with other colors.  The skin I do is a blatant ripoff from the FoW Skorne.  So I won’t show you that.

The first thing I look at is how the parts fit together.  The bottom of the body is a large flat area will make good contact with any base.  I drilled a large hole in the base so I can hold the model with a pin vice.  The arms have a ball joint, the body has the cup that the ball fits into.  The armor has a triangle shape that make these fit well together.  This might be strong enough to just glue, but I pinned them.

The .85 mm work fine for this.  Make sure to file the end of the pin flat.  The cutters usually make the end of the wire pointed.  You get a better fit is it is flat.

The leg has a rectangular end.  It fits in very nicely and it shouldn’t be in a place where it gets knocked around.  I didn’t pin it and I didn’t glue it on initially.  I wanted to get the armor and cloth done before attaching the leg.

First use a dark gold.  I used a substitute for Molten Bronze.  You don’t have to be neat, just cover all the gold.  I pulled a a drybrush and went over it again with Solid Gold.  Just hitting the edges and highlights.  Last I pulled out Flesh Wash and thinned it about flow improver mix about 2:1.  Keep some tissue paper handy to remove any excess.  You can go over it again with Solid Gold again if you want it brighter.

This won’t take very long.  The drying time for the wash is long part.

Next I took Skorne Red to coat the cloth.  Back and front.  I plan on doing the inside of the cloth black.

Then I took the left over Skorne Red and added some P3 Mixing Medium and Flow improver mix.  I thinned this out until it had the consistency of milk.  I used a small brush and put small drops into the armor sections.  This added a dark red tint to the inner areas of the armor plates. If you get to much, tissue some off.  If it isn’t red enough, do it again….

If you look closely, you can see that I took the picture before I painted the cloths under his arms and his belt.  Just a Skorne Red base on those too.

Half of painting Skorne is figuring out what parts of the model are armor and what is cloth.  Make your own choices.  It isn’t like there is a right or wrong.

That is way to much gold.

Time to pull out the Thamar Black.  I base coat the steel in with Black.  The inside of the cloth.  This includes the back of his leg and the inside of arms. Don’t forget the bottom around the base.

Then I thinned the leftover Thamar Black with P3 Mixing Medium and flow improver mix.  This was used to fill in the deep areas of the gold armor.

Tissue away excess.  Use a second coat where needed.  Don’t forget to go over gold edge of the cloth.  All that gold shows the detail with a black wash to highlight it… 

I took a very think black mix and washed the gold on his helmet to bring out the details.

This is when I glued the leg on.  I had some Skorne Red wash left and did that armor and some Thamar Black for back of the leg and around the foot armor.

The Thamar Black base on the scale armor on the back really adds some contrast.

The inside of his hands, are they flesh, glove or armor.  I picked glove.  I did a wash with make it a dark red.  Sanguine Highlight if I remember correctly.

Next I shaded the red.  Khador Red Base and Sanguine Highlight did more of the work.  I think I used a little Sanguine Base too…

I thinned the colors with P3 Mixing Medium. First I darkened the deep areas.  The P3 Mixing Medium is important because it prevents dark circles around edge.  I use this stuff more and more.  I dry brushed highlights to the edges of the folds in the cloth. Thin layers may not get you enough, but it is easier to do it twice as opposed to redoing the base coat.

I wanted some contrast on the arm cloths so I made the bottom edges gold.

The belt has some small wrinkles that can be used to make it look like cloth.  The shading on the cloth is with three shades.   Wash in the dark and dry brush on the tips.    You can do more if you want.

Here is a quick shot of the leg armor.

The red on the armor was not bright enough for me.  I took a very small amount of Red Ink, thinned it with P3 Mixing Medium and Flow Improver mix. This was a very thin mix.  I just put a small drop into the armor plates.  This gave the armor a slightly different shade than the cloth.

Time to make the Black into steel.  

I dry brushed on a layer of Pig Iron then did the edges and tips with a little Quick Silver.  Pretty standard stuff.

I like to high light the black cloth with a mix of Coal Black and Menoth White Highlight.  3:1 is a good start.   Easy on a wet pallet. Just a little line the edge of the skirt.  I also do some drybrush on the inside of the arms and leg.  this shows the wrinkles in the cloth (sorry, I forgot to upload those pictures).   I will post some final shots of this…

Little details like the Gems, the edge of the cloth (sharp red to black transition).  The black to bring out the gold on the skirt.  All the little details are things you can add in if you want to.

Till next it…..   🙂

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3 Responses to Painting Skorne – Gold first

  1. Dean says:

    What p3 paint could you use for skorne red

  2. jatinder aulakh says:

    you are very good painter.

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