Since last time……

Have you ever had the feeling you had a cold coming on…..

I had that for about a week, no energy, blah…..  It just seemed to get worse and worse…  I got extra sleep.  Ate my vegetables, enough orange juice to…. Well, let’s not talk about that…

Then the flu hit, sick in bed for three days, I went to work on Friday just to finish some time sensitive work.  Slept all weekend.  The next week I had to travel for work.  Buffalo NY is over 7 hours of driving.  So much fun.

I dragged BigK, the travelling paint bag and more with me.  For a change of pace I had Morghoul 2011.  I really like the resculpt.  I pinned, primed and basecoated him Monday night.  

Tuesday, after dinner, I figured BigK needed some attention.  I pulled out his clamshell.  I could not find his head.  I look and looked and look.  Arggh, I must have left that on the table at home.  Real clever of me..

So I spent the rest of the week, three evening, detailing Morghoul.  Everything was done except the skin.  I packed up and got home Friday afternoon.   I want to thank MenothJohn for over three hours of Lost Hemisphere Radio to make the miles go by….  I love my Droid…..

One of the first things I did was go to find BigK’s head.  Not on the table, not under the table, non on my desk….  ARRRRGGGHHHHH

I know he wasn’t left in the hotel room.  So I took everything out of the painting bag.  One thing at a time.  It is a canvas bag.  The bottom has two triangular folds of canvas.  I found the head under the fold.  I had him in wrapped in tissue paper, inside of a bottle cap, in the clamshell, how he got out, no way to know.  He saw guarding a $5 bill.  Guess he’s good for something.

Saturday I ran a tournament.  Sunday, stuff around the house.  I unpacked Morghoul 2011 and found a finger tip was broken off.  No luck….  I spent a little time putting a very small pin (.5mm) and building up the putty.

The next week was catching up at work.  Basically three weeks of work to catch up on.

My darling wife.  She made the decision while I was sick to take a small vacation.  So the first week of May, off to Florida for a little sunshine and time off.  Nothing exciting, just a getaway.

This week, feeling pretty good.  I was at the Whiz for painting night for the first time in a way to long.  I used my tool kit to trim the putty into a pretty good fingernail.  Retouched the scuff damage from all the handling while pinning the finger.

Another week at work with two weeks of work to do…  Another tournament this Saturday. 

I need to finish Morghoul and ship him out soon.   

Do better, I hear BigK calling my name….   

good to be back 🙂

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