BigK update 12 – Is there such a thing?

No, not Big foot or such.

Is there such a thing a painters block?

I have heard the the term writers block.

I have had the desk set up and ready to go and I just can’t get started. I know what I want to do, what colors.  I just don’t do it.  I even sat at my desk for 10 minutes and I didn’t do anything….  Ugghhh.

Yes, real life does get in the way a little, but that isn’t really a change. Stuff is always happening.

Am I insecure about my skill, sure. At one level, I know I do a good job, but I am always pushing to improve.  Try a new brush, paint, wash, mixture, something new…

Shrug….  Maybe I just do the same thing every day, every week, every year and painting is something that isn’t always the same..

I spent one night last week doing this…  Yes, I sat here for an evening clicking to fill in little areas of a concept art to see if I like the way I planned on painting this big ugly old bastard…

A sketch or coloring in concept are sometimes helps me clear up my thoughts and plans.  The Blue is steel (paint doesn’t do colors like mixing paints) with a dark tint, the light gray a different steel mixture, the tan is a brass color and the dark grey will be the black armor.

I am in a funk to be honest.  Job worries is part of it.  The details don’t mater.  Uncertain future.

Saturday I started another project.  Rubber Ducky is a good name for it.  I spent a good four hours doing something different.  I even got a blister doing it.  Not telling you and details about it yet.  I have been careful to take pictures of what I have done so far.  Eventually I will post some updates on it.

BigK has not stopped, it is the top of the list and I will get back to it tomorrow.

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