BigK – Update 11

I drilled the skirt connection a while ago.  I plan on attacking the skirt last or close to last.  I need to paint the base first.  I also did some Bronze to part of the pistons on his lower body.  The all steel parts just didn’t look right….

I cleaned some paint out the holes in the back of the body and glued in the skirt support.  I see a lot of Karchev models without the skirt.  I guess they are hard to keep attached.

I didn’t have a ton of time today.  I did put some time in on the Skirt.  I used Thamar Black, Morrow White, Umbral Umber, Bootstrap Brown and Rhulic Gold (Substitute).  I based the Straps with Umber, highlighted with Bootstrap, studs and tail connections are gold.  The tails are base coated in black, drybrushed in black/white 2/1 mix, light drybrush of black/white 1/2 mix and tipped in white.  The tops are unpainted to allow a better surface for gluing.

I only had a couple of minutes here and there.

I am not sure how many of you have really looked closely at BigK.  His shoulders and hands have words (in Khador script) on them.  The way I am painting them, they are all in Black areas.  It seems like a shame to just do a little light gray highlight to make they show a little..

How does this sound?

I can take a small sharp blade and clean the paint out, make them a little deeper.  A little white brush on primer.  Some Yellow in the deep part and some orange around the edges.  Trying to make it look like Karchev’s focus is part of his jack body?

What do you think?

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