Wrastlin’ with the Avatar and a little Big K

I have had a 2nd hand Avatar of Menoth in a box for a while. A friend wants some figures so he is going to do some painting. I have had a 50pt T4 High Reclaimer on the back burner for a while. Adding an Avatar to what is painted would be nice.

I pull it out a couple of days ago and ended up taking it apart. One arm was broken, the cloths had come off. It has never been painted, guess that is a plus.

I never like the stubby sword on a Jack that is supposed to have reach.   So my first step was to extend the sword and fix the broken arm.

So with a little help from the microsaw and some drilling.

The pins are steel, not my normal brass.  Piano wire is so much stronger, but it is harder to cut, so I only use it when needed.

Two part putty, the green stuff was next.  I am not good at this, so I decided to make it look like the blade was on fire.  I don’t think I can sculpt a middle to the blade.

I filled the gap and let it dry for a couple of hours.  Then I made a some small balls of green stuff, rolled them into tear drops, then flattened them out.  I let it harden and did a little work on smoothing it out.  Maybe a little more trimming, but I like it.

It really wasn’t very hard to fix the broken sword arm.  I took a file and knife.  Trimmed and smoothed the cylinders.  I used a dental pick to make the spots.  Then drill and glued the arm.

I also drilled the forearm and the sword hand just to add some strength.

I know there is paperwork that shows how to build this Jack, but I don’t have it.  So I had to guess at the location of the cloths.  The ones on the lower body seemed easy.  The one in the back was a great fit and I just glued it.  The one in the front I drilled and pinned.

I spent some time test fitting the four shoulder cloths, I ended up putting the longest ones in back and bending them like the wind was in the Jack’s face.  The twisted one is on the shield arm and last one on the sword arm.

I didn’t glue any of the last five.  I put two pins in each of the shoulder cloths and hole in the shoulders under the lip of the armor.

That was enough of that.  I can only stab, cut and glue my fingers so many time before it is time to move back to painting.

To be honest, Karchev’s head has been bugging me.  I know how I want him to look, but I am not sure I can paint him like that.

It is just a bald head from the nose up.  He has a scar above his left eye, pretty nasty looking.

I wanted him to have big eyebrows, dark gray going to white.  The eyes showing from the shadow.   I had time to prime and give it another try this afternoon.

What do you think?

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