Big K update #10

Ok, I have not posted in a while…  Sorry…

I had some time last weekend and I used a lot of Thamar Black and Khador Red Base.  I think I need to get new pots sooner than I thought.  I am pretty well locked in on the red/black areas.  The two tone shield on the Problem Child is still a question, all red, all black or as it is, not sure…

It is easy to see that smoke stacks are black metal right now, the boiler and the back will stay that way, parts of the stacks and pipes will be bronze/brass and shaded.

That lower body piece “Spriggan Chest plate”, not sure about the red/brass.  Internal debate, I am thinking it would look better in basic Black?

I know you can’t see it, the head isn’t attached yet and I still need to paint it too….  Some of the red needs another thin coat or two.

Moving on.  The Twins.  The are locked in on the color areas.  The think the Red/Black will look pretty sharp.

Trying to do a yellow orange glow in the Cylon eye slot.  I need a little more orange along the edge…

Finish the body, attach the arms, attach the shoulders, finish the arms and shoulders.  Attach and finish the top…

I think I will position the arms differently on the Twins.  One with the hands almost touching and the other on with the arms open wide.

The way the Twins are makes it hard to get a lot of position variation….

Big K got some work too.   Just putting on basic colors.  A lot of the pipes will be steel with brass fittings.  A lot of shading and highlights too.  I have not attached the smoke stacks yet either..

I hope it is enough to give you and idea.

Now for his head.  One tiny little part of the model that shows that there is still a person inside that Jack.   I want to make sure he stands out.  I hope the have your eyes drawn to him as he looks out of the Jack that is his body…

Last night at the Whiz, I spend most of my time working on Karchev’s head.  I the photo it is easy to see his nose, eye brows and the scar on his melon…  Ok, I tried to it don’t work out..  No picks, I got the paint on to thick and the scar disappeared….   Grrrrr….

Well, when I got home Big K’s head went into the jar of DIP and I will try again tonight.

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One Response to Big K update #10

  1. rivercitystudios says:

    I am liking the red and black, and the models are coming together nicely.

    I like the two-tone on the Spriggan shields, and I am liking the steel pipes with brass connectors (its what I usually do for exposed piping).

    Keep up the good work-

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