Big K update #9

Sunday, I was feeling a little better, cough sniffle cough…

I did get a nap in the afternoon.

I spent a couple of hours cleaning up glue and some mold marks on the three Jacks.  Then I primed all the parts with white brush on primer.  Then finished the day with some black metal (1 part Thamar black and 2 pars Pig Iron ) on all the bones.  Non armor plates is what I mean.  I took the problem child and tried some Brass Balls on some of the piston parts.  I like it.

It is also easy to see the brass rod at the top, the post was broke and I drilled it and pinned it.

Monday, a night at the Whiz, painting night.  Normal bunch, Chris, Dave, Scott and some other irregulars…

James needed a couple of 15 pt league games, his Karchev stomped Scott them took it to Chris.  It was a longer game with a similar outcome.  Now all James needs to do is paint that bunch of metal…

First I decided to change the codpieces, yes I am that crazy…

After I made those changes, I did a test fit of the torso on the legs for one of the Devastators.  The post only went in a little.  I tried the other legs, nope, it didn’t fit either.  Tried the other torso on both legs, nope, you guessed it…

I checked the post, a little primer, but that shouldn’t do it.

The torso hole was caked with glue, both of them.  Well, second hand models strikes again.

This photo shows the gap between the legs and torso.

After a couple of minutes it became obvious that the glue wasn’t going to come out.

One micro saw and five minutes trimmed an 1/8″ off the posts and they fit.  There is still enough to hold the legs to the torso.

I did get a chance to start painting the torso.  Mostly base colors and a some shading on the Black.  Next will be more work on the head and red plates.  I did one Armor Wash on the steel.  I may do another to selected areas.  Then a little drybrush of cold steel should give a good shine…

Well, off to the painting table….  I may be a tortoise, but I will finish.

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One Response to Big K update #9

  1. rivercitystudios says:

    This is all coming together very nicely- looking good!

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