Big K update #8

Does and don’ts!

Sorry for the delay in reports. A head cold and work stuff slowed down progress.

Devastators are a big piece of metal.

This shot doesn’t show the shoulder armor or the boiler.

The head has a nice little post and a large (relative to size of the head) flat back.  I glued those on.  The boiler also got glued on.  The location should not get a lot of bumping and the glue area is pretty good sized.

The upper arms are those little cylinders.  The weight of the lower arm and shoulder armor all sit on those little cylinders.  I pinned them on both ends.  The cylinder has a male and female end. 

So I put a pin in the lower arm and top of the cylinder.  Four cylinders means eight pins and drilling sixteen holes.  You can see the pins in the first photo.

The top armor has a spike.  They came off in the stripping jar.  So I had to reattach them.

One had the post cut off,  I pinned them both.

I don’t think I am going to attach the arms to the body until it is mostly painted.

The shoulder armor attaches to the arms not the body.  The lower arms have a curved bar that has two posts.  The bottom of the shoulder armor matches and has three indentations.

Ok, a very good connect.  I glued all four.  Then I took the body to test fit and arm to the body.

Even if I cut the pin off the shoulder armor will not fit over the body.  So I popped the shoulder armor off the lower arms, cleaned off the glue.  Guess it will be attach the arms then glue the shoulder armor.

So, ready to prime and base coat.

What about the Problem Child (Spriggan).

Also call the brainless twit.  Well, it was my fault the head got lost…..    :-I

The shoulders are glued on and it looks ok.

The counter balance on the lance was cut off and shortened by the previous owner.  Why, I don’t know, third base.

So I have drilled and pinned it to extend it.  I will use some green putty to build it back up.   Boy that will be fun, not….

I am still debating about putting in a longer pin or just ordering the part.  I have to get a head for this fool.  Adding a proper right arm isn’t really a problem.

I have tried test fitting the top armor the body several time and it just did seem right.  The Boiler and top are glued together with I don’t know what.  Twice in the simple green, once in break fluid and it still together.  When I fit the top to the body, I get a huge gap between the boiler and the body.  I am not sure it glued in a bad angle or the damn thing is bent.

Right now it is in the freezer.  Maybe that will break it apart.

Update – after three hours in the freezer, I was able to break the glue.  🙂

Enough for now, back to the table to prime some heavy metal 😀

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