The local Barbershop.  Ron’s….

An institution in town, it has been there forever.  At least since I move here sixteen years ago.

Ron is in his seventies and had tried to retire at least twice.  I think he finally succeeded.  Ron isn’t working any more, I hear he is in good health and wish him the best.

A simple building on a corner all by itself.  Cement block, a barber pole outside, no sign, he didn’t need one.

Always had country music playing on the radio.  Three topic of conversation: the weather, politics and sports.

There used to be three barbers there most of the time, always two.  Even with 6-8 people waiting, it never took more then a half hour to get a cut.

After Ron left, his step son left.  Rumor has it that he left to take a better offer at another local barbershop.

I went in last week, one lady barber, all she wants to talk about is her problem, my son, my brother, etc etc…

The place is up for sale.  It may be gone soon, but it is already gone….

It just won’t be the same…..

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One Response to Ron’s

  1. BIG RICH says:

    That sucks. I feel the same way about the local “corner store” in my hometown. It’s a literal general store on the corner next to the fire station and post office. Blink and you’ll miss it as you’re driving full tilt on 36. Anyway, they have been talking about shutting down and possibly a Sheetz going in within the future. It would not be the same, at all.

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