Big K update #6

Painting night at the Whiz.  Always a positive thing.

Well, at least most times.  I had the painting bad in the back of the Red Wagon (old Volvo station wagon).  Sometimes referred to as a family truckster.  Well, it was raining a little and when I opened the hatch, I noticed something metal roll from under the door onto the bumper and into the bumper.  Then I notice the plastic clamshell I carried the parts in had fallen off the painting bag.  I gave it a quick once over and went inside.  It had all the parts for two Devastators and a Spriggan (minus the legs and pelvis).  Well, the Spriggan lost its mind.  The head was gone.

I move the car, accelerate, break, get out and look, backup, break, get out and look, repeat……  Nope.  It is gone…

Well the Spriggan has been the problem child.  So the head is gone.  Probably order the part.

I spent about an hour and a half cleaning up the paint scratches and scuffs from fixing the codpiece.

That leave gluing the feet back down after I do some metal shading on the bones…

Over the weekend on the guys wanted a book and was looking for some cash.  In the local group models go from person to person faster than a common cold.  I remember someone buy a bug army and selling it less than a week later.  Try something else.  Gota love Bartertown I guess.

He needed cash, one of the things on his list as a Berserker.  I needed a second one and figured I would take a look.  I ended up with the Jack and a MoW Kovnick (not painted).  Well, not exactly the paint job I wanted, but it just looks to good to drop in the jar of simple green.  I will keep it, maybe do a little painting to make it mine.

Well, tomorrow I should get all of the rest primed, do all the black metal on the bones and put  the basic black and red in place.

Why do I keep thinking of that old Arrowsmith song?

Train kept a rollin all night long!!!

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