Big K Update #5

Live and learn!

Don’t do this at home boys and girls

Yesterday I took the night off.

I started painting after breakfast and some shopping with the wife.  I had the Red & black shading done.  Pretty happy with it.  I was doing the final shading on the metal “bones”.

I looked over and realized I have not glued the Codpieces in place on Dev I, Dev II and Sprigg..  No problem I think.

Damn was I wrong.

With the legs glued on the base there in ZERO room for fingers, needle nose pliers or tweezers.

So I have had to pry them off the bases.  Fit them, in once case drill it over again and pin it.

They are all glued now, but there is a lot of paint to fix.

So please, if you building a Devastator or Spriggan, attach the Codpiece before you paint it….

Back to the painting table a little later….

I need to get back to kicking myself….

Over and over again…..    :-O

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2 Responses to Big K Update #5

  1. Lycane says:

    and this is why i fully assemble before painting.

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