Care and feeding of a wet pallet.

I first started with a home made wet pallet.

The link is to the tutorial and it is cheap and an easy way to see if you like this way to use your paint.

The plus side of a wet pallet.  For me it is several things.  First, I can set up the colors I want, get interrupted, close the pallet, come back an hour later and the paint is still ready to go.  Otherwise, it would have dried out.   I can easily have 8 -> 10 -> 12 colors on the pallet.  I have had times where I have had paint on the pallet for days and it is still good.

A tip, add a drop of P3 mix medium to a dry spot on the pallet,  you can probably still use it.

How to do it.

I now use a P3 Pallet (you can do the same thing with any plastic snap case).

I prefer to use a double layer of papertowel on top of the sponge.  I cut it to fit a little large, tuck it in around the edges.  The dark spots on the edge is from getting paint to close to the edge.

I am still using the P3 paper, but when it runs out you can use tracing paper, parchment paper or wax paper.  I have used parchment paper, you get a roll in the backing section of a supermarket.   $3-$4 for a 30 foot roll that will last for years of painting.

I have found that it works better to wet the paper before you put it on the pallet.  I just dunk it into the water jar.  I have to run it over and dunk both halves.  Don’t worry about wrinkling it, it smooths out easily.

Once the paper is wet, place it on the pallet.  I use a toothpick or craft stick to smooth out the paper.  The P3 is not as wide as the pallet, leaving about a half inch of papertowel uncovered on both sides.  More on that later.

I like to line up the back of the paper with the back of the pallet.  That leaves a little bit I can tuck into the front edge with a toothpick.  This keeps the paper from rolling up if it gets a little dry.

Usually the paper is a little wet after you put in on.   I usually wait 5 minutes before putting paint on the paper.  If you don’t it will run a little.

Like this.

I keep the water level 1/2 -> 3/4 of the way up the sponge.  I take a toothpick and move the corner to look.  To add water, I have a bottle.

It is so easy to put a little water on edge and it evens itself out.

Now that the paper is ready, put the paint on it.  Eye dropper bottle are good.  I use P3, so a toothpick or piece of pinning wire works fine.

Here is Khardor Red Highlight – Mix of the two and Khador Red base.  You can mix it the two with a brush or a toothpick (don’t punch a hole in the paper).

It is always good to have a paper towel handy for cleaning your brushes.

I use the towel to remove excess paint from the brush to make sure I put the paint in thin layers.

Need another color, add a spot.

Give it a try, it is easier than you think….

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