Big K update #4

Good Morning all.  I did some shading last night.  Most of the work was on the black armor.

A dark grey (Tharn Black and Morrow White) with some light grey along the edge.  I need to clean up the dark grey to black edge, it is a little sloppy.  I may do a little blending between them.

I have not glued Big K’s legs to his pelvis.  I didn’t want to paint the codpiece with it dangling between his legs.  So I spent some time on the Codpiece.  I based the with Reaper Ancient Bronze My P3 molten bronze is pudding 😦 .. Khador Red base is washed in Sanguine base.  I may do a spot or two of Khador Red Highlight.  Solid gold to make it bright.  The horse tails on the bottom are black -> white in 4 steps.  I tried to make the Khador symbol black on gold, maybe I need a decal…  Some quick silver and a black wash on the screws.

Next, clean up the back.  Then try to shade the red.  Sanguine base for shadows, Khador red highlights along the edges and I don’t remember what to use on the tips….

I hope to play a couple of 15 pt games tonight…  Karchev, Spriggan & Devastator is 15 pts..  this could be fun.

I may get a little paint in tonight after I get home….

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One Response to Big K update #4

  1. redmanphill says:

    Looks good so far… it will be nice to have the legs in context!

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