Big K update #3

First thing I did today was add the primer and flow improver to my travel bag.

Today I am starting to get better mental picture of what they will look like.

Adding the base coat for the armor is most of what I did.  Four jacks from the waist down you say?  You could do that in 5 minutes you say.  Well I am slow.  Got home, stuff to do, dinner, paint, company, paint, wife time, emails, read the news, paint.  I guess I got about an hour and a half, maybe a little more.

I decided to do a little of the black shading on the Spriggan. I may do a little more blending, but I like the black.

Steel rivets and screws on the black.

Brass rivets on the red.

I am also learning how many thin coats of Khador Red base it takes to get a smooth coat.

I guess that tomorrow will be a lot of shading on the black.

Then I and try the red shading.  Khador Red base, Khador Red highlight and an off white for the tips.

If I get those done, time for screws and rivits…

I got a look at the shading on the legs this morning.  Daylight is much better than the pathetic little light.  I really like the grey off white.    All Ahead Full.

Till next time…

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