Big K update #2

Monday night at the Whiz is painting night.  Sorry, I didn’t grab any photos last night.

I started by priming the below the waist stuff on the Spriggan, Devastators and Big K.  Of course, my normal primer was on my desk.  Dohhh.

All the metal on the jacks are black metal (mix of Tharn Black and pig iron).  Dry brush cold steel.  Armor wash, look for flow improver, damn…..  It is on my desk at home…    Arrrghh…   Dry brush some high lights with cold steel after the wash dried.  I will take another look tonight.  I may brush on some high points.  Debating about adding some brass on the leg and waist pistons.

The Steel on Big K is green, a mix didn’t work out, so I add a thin layer of black metal.  Drybrush cold steel.  Mix up a glaze using blue ink and mix medium.   Trying  to blue the steel.   I have to look at that tonight and see how it looks..   If it worked, redo all the Big K steel.

The armor on the jacks and Big K will be back on the majority of plates and Khador red -> orange for the spiky and symbol plates (some artistic choices too.).   I hope to do all the edges with grey and white or very light grey highlights on the black.  As well as red->orange->yellow on the red plates.

I put the black and red on Big K’s legs and the S&DD’s (Spriggan and 2 x Devastators) codpieces.  I really like the color contrast.

I keep looking at the head and body pieces, what will be black, what will be red and what will be brass or Steel?

Enough for now.

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