Project Big K – update #1

One to the next step.  Bases prep.

Cork and glue, do them all at once.   Yes, Seven Jacks, Karchev, one unit of MoW, MoW Dragoon w/dismount, full unit of Mechaniks, Greylord Ternion & a Koldun Lord.

The bar on the bottom of a lot of Jack’s feet doesn’t give a solid base on Cork.  So I cut them off and pinned them, so they come out of the plastic bottom and can be bent over and glued.

The Spriggan and Devastators have the knee armor and cod piece attached too.

The Spriggan had the post connecting the legs to the body broken off.  I have drilled that out, so it can be pinned and glued.

I am going to follow my building plan, but the league construction and painting rules are to restrictive for me to participate.

It is to bad when something has rules that are exclusive, not inclusive..

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One Response to Project Big K – update #1

  1. BIG RICH says:

    Thanks for the update. Looking good.

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