Project Big K – Karchev’s bowling team

After a day and a half in the break fluid, I jumped back into scrapping paint.

The break fluid made the paint on the large area just fall off.  The corners and deep spots still needed a dental pick and small knife.  A nylon and brass wire brush really helped a lot.

Yesterday, I finished paint removal.  So now on to assemble, prime and paint.

The Whiz is having a paint and play league.  Starts with 15 pt of mangle metal/tooth and claw for three week (that means no infantry or solo models), then goes to 25 points for three weeks (anything goes).

Well, isn’t that perfect for Karchev?  You bet it is.  The rest of the points have to be Jacks.  Well, how do I spend twenty points.

A Spriggan and a Devastator are 19 points, impressive on the table.

This leaves me 11 points for week 4-6.  What to add.

Mechaniks to repair the Jack always helps and another jack.

So I could have one 8 pt jack and six mechaniks or a 9 pt jack and four mechaniks.

Well, looking at that ton of metal on my desk, it came down to a Destroyer or a second Devastator.

Week 1-3 models

Karchev’s Bowling Team – 25+5 points, 8 models

Karchev the Terrible  +5 points
* Devastator  9 points
* Spriggan  10 points


Week 4-6 models

* Devastator  9 points

4 Battle Mechaniks  2 points ( I will paint all 6)

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