Project Big K – Bring out the big GUN

That Spriggan, the mechaniks, MoW Drakhun are all ready to be Astronauts.  Yes, I want to launch them.   Layer upon layer of paint and primer.

All of them have had three trips into simple green and tooth brushed.  I tried a dental pick and small blade knife, but it is just to much time.  10 min->30 min to scrape and pick it out of the corners.  I got a stiff nylon brush and a brass brush last night.  You guessed it still paint on them.  The Spriggan shoulders and body have layers of glue all over the place too…

No more mister nice guy.  Time for Break Fluid.  Time to get the big gun and to stop wasting time.  With any luck I can get a bottle during lunch and have them clean tonight.

Last night I also started Big K.  I want to do the bones in a dark blue steel.  He is special.  I tried Coal Black and a metal.  I thought it was fine.  I looked at it this morning, it is GREEN.  It was a first thin base coat.  I have to look tonight and see if I can cover it.



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6 Responses to Project Big K – Bring out the big GUN

  1. BIG RICH says:

    Yikes! Good luck with the Sprigan and others.
    For the record, many model railroaders claim that Oven Cleaner is a good way to strip paint from models. I have never tried this myself though.
    My thoughts are with you, sir.

  2. Plarzoid says:

    Wear gloves with brake fluid! Stuff’s nasty.

    Have you tried Acetone? Many times I’ve thought it’s paint in the crevices, but it turns out to be little bits of superglue that hold onto the paint pigment.

    Good Luck!

  3. superlegend says:

    Go to Home Depot or Lowes and buy the full-on Acetone. Nail polish remover is too weak and most doesn’t even have acetone anymore.. Throw those models in acetone overnight and they’ll basically clean themselves. The stuff is nasty and will eat plastic. You’ve gotta get some serious gloves. It’s well worth it tho.

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