Project Big K – thus it begins

Vox populi vox Dei

A pretty busy weekend.  Not any real time to get a start.  Here is what I have and plan.

Karchev the Terrible – Second Hand – It was pinned – one arm broken at the elbow – missing some spikes and the skirt.  It wasn’t painted.  Months ago, took it apart, fixed the arm,  got replacement parts and primed him.

Big K will be the first to get painted.  Dark Steel structural parts, armor plates will be Black or Khador Red.  Shading and detail to the max.

Battle Mechaniks one full unit, Greylord Ternion one unit and one Koldun Lord.  All are second hand except two Mechaniks.   Greylords are bear metal, Koldun is being stripped, Mechaniks are primed black and being stripped.



Man-o-war Shocktroopers – two units of three – I bought one, need to buy another – These look like a lot of fun to paint and a huge pain in the ass to build – if you have any experience putting these together – give me some pointers.



Man-o-war Drakhun (with dismount) – The dismount is new – the dragoon is second hand – it was painted and black spray primer over that.  Some of the detail was covered so I am working on stripping it.  Uggh, what a mess.



Jacks, tons of Jacks, what am I building, Spriggan, two Berzerkers, some others, add options later..  Behemoth and two destroyers for a gunboat style maybe?

* Behemoth – Second hand – bear metal – some green stuff that is easily cleaned up.

* Berserker – Second hand – bear metal – broken leg – still need to be repaired.  I need to buy a second one.  It is in the Karchev picture.



* Destroyer classic – I have one painted (Khador starter box) – it was painted red and partially stripped.

* Juggernaut classic- pretty much the same as the destroyer – I have two – one painted for the starter box and one in the stripping jar.


* Kodiak – second hand – bear metal – pretty good shape

I also have a plastic jack kit and torch upgrade – not sure what to build – magnets are an option for variety

Extreme Juggernaut – new – I am not going to convert to Karchev – no plans to use it!

* Spriggan & Devastator  – second hand – a Spriggan and two Devastators – a lot of parts missing quite a few parts – stripped the Devs – pretty much done – Sprig is as easy to clean up as nuclear waste – into the jar again for the third time.

I think I need a bigger jar.

A day in fresh simple green is usually enough to soften the paint.

Emptied the now BROWN simple green into another jar and washed the parts several times.  I didn’t have the time to toothbrush them.  I will brush off what is dry tonight and strip the parts that need more time one more time…

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11 Responses to Project Big K – thus it begins

  1. BIG RICH says:

    Wow. The models being second hand makes it a bit more challenging doesn’t it? But I’m sure you’ll be able to work some magic and make it all come out awesome in the end.

  2. Andrew Gabrielson says:

    Can’t wait to see this start coming together

  3. Soulreclaimer says:

    Cleanup in isle 4!!!!

  4. CaptC says:

    There’s a reason painted models sell for less than new.

  5. VFangV says:

    “bear metal” -Kador/pseudo-Russian jest, not a typo.

  6. phenixflight says:

    I love Simple Green – it’s like magic.

  7. Mercykiller says:

    In response to “how do I put the Shocktroopers together” the best guide I ever found was on Brushthralls:

    Not only will they never ever break, they also get put into a much more menacing and natural-looking position.

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