Project BigK

No, not K-Mart.

Karchev won with 22 votes and Xerxis came in at 18.

I want to thank everyone who voted, added comments and send emails.

I will add a list very soon.  The only requirement for a T4 that I don’t have is a second unit of Man of Wars.  I wish the Bombardiers had come out, but C’est la vie.

I am running a tournament tomorrow, I hope to have some time to snap some photos so you can see what I am starting with.  Some of the jacks are second or third hand.  Broken parts need to be repaired and missing part have already been replaced.  Some still have old paint that needs to be removed.  I am quickly learning that enamel spray paint is a bitch to remove.

Nice of Bell of lost Souls to post Khador the decals.  Not sure I will use them, but always nice to have options.

I am looking at doing a Khador red and black armor, dark steel and a little bronze here and there.   No plans for the mechanks and Koldurn colors. I am looking forward to painting several jacks.  Skorne doesn’t have a lot of large flat plates, it will be fun to pain them.   Shading and shadows will be different from all the flowing cloth I am used too.  The different flesh tones will be a welcome change too.  Dirty mechaniks, Karchev with his scar, Koldurn all a little different.

Basing is still uncertain.  Ice bases would be nice, but there is no way I can afford to buy them.  Can I make ice bases, maybe.  If not I can do rock/snow bases.

If you have not realized it yet, I am not a fast painter.  I get an image of what I want and do what I can to make it.  This will take at least 2-3 months to finish.  I have not painted a lot of jacks, so any estimate are just a WFG.

Xerxis came in second.  A lot of people seemed interested in this one.  I have Xerxis and a full unit of each Cataphract already done.  I have some titans done too.  Was it cheating to post it.  I may slip in some Ventors in for a change of pace.  enough to finish Xerxis off too.

Well until next time.

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One Response to Project BigK

  1. Drew McGrath says:

    good choice not who i picked but good choice none the less

    drew 🙂

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