2nd hand models

Most of Project Big K’s models are second hand.  Beat up, bent, broken and missing pieces.

I am pretty good at pin & putty repairs.  Broken arms, legs and such are not a really a problem.  It is just a little bit of time.

Some of the jack I have had big globs of plastic glue, layers of enamel primer and paint.

I spent the day (while running a tournament) cleaning pieces.  Simple Green does well, but deep corners and such are just caked with paint.  So I scraped and picked what I could and a bunch of parts are back in the strip jar tonight.

I can only hope that get the paint that is left a lot looser that the first time.

Now I wonder if new isn’t easier than the cheap second hand ones.  If I had now ones they would be primed by now…

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One Response to 2nd hand models

  1. TikiiTorch says:

    I guess it comes down to: what is your time worth to you?

    A $35 unit that I can get for $15 and spend a couple hours stripping, repairing and prepping is worth it to me.

    On the other hand, a $12 solo is not.

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