Stuff happens – So what next.

The Monday before TempleCon the company I work for announced a 20% layoff in the next six months.  Needless to say, I am a little bit distracted.

Can you spell “job search” boys and girls.

Since I finished Stabby I have not touched my paints.  I need to.  It is my stress relief.

I am probably a typical player, I have my Skorne as my main faction, but I have a little bit of this and a little bit of that in a number other factions.

Could I ask for some help picking the next project?  The exact list and point level will be worked out later.  You can make suggestions, but if I don’t have a lot of the models, I won’t consider them.  For example, I have most of the models for any Skorne theme, but only Karchev’s stuff for Khador.

I will keep this open until Friday night at Midnight 25 February

If anyone wants to repost this pole feel free too.

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3 Responses to Stuff happens – So what next.

  1. Quixotic says:

    I agree that painting is a stress reliever. Glad to see you’ve recovered from TempleCon.

    Attempt to keep a positive outlook about the job situation. Hope all goes well for you!

  2. JLumme says:

    I would love to see you do a Tier 4 Xerxis as all those medium based figs should make for a impressive army.

  3. capsfan34 says:

    I voted for Abby only cuz I wanna see all those awesome Legion beasts and how you would paint them.

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