A TempleCon Story “Gotcha”

So much happened, so many people, so much fun…..

One thing stands out.

Thursday night, MenothJohn, bobaferret and the Fez walked by.  They had flown to TempleCon.  It was pretty obvious they had a mission.  I asked, “what are you looking for”.

The photo is stolen from Lost Hemisphere blog http://losthemisphere.com/blog/

The Fez, Bobaferret & MenothJohn.  No idea who is in the next row.

MenothJohn quickly explained they had not been able to find anyone with a car to go to dinner with.  The hotel food wasn’t bad, but the price was above average.  I didn’t have time to take them to dinner.  I really wish I could have.  So I tossed MenothJohn my car keys.  I told him where it was and asked to if he could park it in the same area.

Later that evening the Fez returned the keys.  A big smile and a thank you is always nice.

Friday morning, I needed some of the stuff I had in the back of the car.  It was parked in one of the best parking spaces you could get.  Right next to the a storage building as close to the main entrance of the hotel as you could get.

Always remember, No good deed should go unpunished.

MenothJohn was walking by the front desk.  I was working on the Team Tournament.

I asked him “Hey, where’s my car?”

He replied that it was right next to the building on the end.

“I was just out there, all I saw was a pickup truck, that space has a handicapped sign.”

He said something, mumble, stammer.  I think he suspected I was joking, but I kept a straight face,  “John, where’s my car, did it get towed?”

His didn’t know what to say, a confused look on his face, looking nervous…

I waited a few more seconds to watch him squirm.

“Gotcha John!”


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2 Responses to A TempleCon Story “Gotcha”

  1. Northblade says:

    I’n hurt you don’t remember me Craig. 😉

    PG_Northblade is in yer barz, eating yer wingz!!

  2. Quixotic says:

    Very amusing. Would have loved to have seen his face.

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