Project Stabby Almost there!!!

Sunday was just a little crazy.  Not really a surprise.

Take the dog out, run to the store, shovel snow (isn’t that every day?), make lunch, paint a little, neighbor visit, paint a little, take care of the dog, paint a little, help with dinner, paint a little, neighbors visit #2, paint a little, time with Barb, paint a little, dog again, paint a little, help with bed time stuff, paint a little.

None of this was bad, nice to be able to help.

So, I finished painting the Bloodrunners, YAAAAAa….

The Rhino got a basecoated on the primer.  By then is 11: dark 30….  put stuff way and snap a couple of shots..

What is left, detail the Rhino, pretty easy, less than a half hour.

Paint the bases a nice dark brown, then drybrush on the lighter shades.

Two coats of sealer.

If I can’t do that in three night, well, we all know “Shoot Happens”…

You know what I mean.

After that, play with Lord Assassin Stabby at TempleCon…..  🙂

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