Project Stabby – Now for something completely different

Yesterday I started with with the Rhinodon needing some touchup and a unit of bloodrunners to be detailed.

I put a little brush on primer on the Rhino – the places that get handles a lot is what need the touchup.

The bloodrunners.  I set up the wet pallet with the colors needed.  Four Reds, Coal Black, gold, steel.  I took on figure at a time and did every thing below the chest.  Leaving the head, shoulder & arms for the second pass (doing the flesh then).  I got the forth one done and heard a “Help” from the basement.  This was about 3:30.

Barb had tripped on a rug and fallen (not happy about it).  Over the next hour it became obvious that something was wrong in her right arm.  I thought it was broken.

Emergency room, XRays, a lot of questions, read 6 chapter in the newest Kim Harrison book, more question, talk to nurses, look at XRays, something was broken.  Doctor puts a cast on the right arm to support two breaks near the elbow.  Barb isn’t happy with the cast or the sling, but it feels better.

Got home about 9:30pm, a little bit tense.  No more painting on Saturday…  Sorry, no pictures either.

I will have a lot more house responsibilities in the next few days.  I will try to finish Project Stabby, but some things take priority..

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One Response to Project Stabby – Now for something completely different

  1. Josh says:

    Long time lurker, first time commenter. 🙂

    My grandmother did the fall in the basement and fracture a hip thing which resulted in a very long ER trip back when I was in high school. Unfortunately I didn’t have a nice book to read like the new Kim Harrison.

    Glad to hear that she’s “ok”! All things considered, broken arms or elbows are no fun, especially in the winter.

    It is important to keep perspective and priorities. Hopefully, you can still enjoy yourself this weekend.

    Back to painting I go!


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