Painting on the Road

I have to travel for work some times.  Usually a whole week at a time.  Usually alone.

Stuck in a hotel room leave a lot of time.

I have found that I can pack everything a canvas bag.  It is a big one…  Make sure it is lined.  If somethings spills (I forgot to empty the pallet and water bottle)

Hotels never like paint on their table, so make sure you grab a USA today when you check in.

I have found the the lighting can be pretty poor.  So I bring a little cheap halogen light.  You will probably notice the magifiers, a must for old eyes…

I use a wet pallet.  P3 works well for me, I put a layer of paper towel on top of the sponge, then the parchment paper.  I bring my own water jar. It is wide, not easy to knock over.  Voice of experience, those little Styrofoam cup fall over way to easy.

I used to bring the paints I planned on using.  Invariably, I would forget something.  So I drag a full set of P3 with me.  I also have a few GW metals that I am using up.  I have some Reaper and Foundation paints at home, but those are mostly used for buildings and terrain.  I also keep a jar of brush cleaning liquid with me.  Brush care is so important.

I have a plastic box with other stuff too.  I use Renaissance Ink for basing paste.  It comes in four types, Course, Medium, Fine, X-Fine.   You smear it on the base for texture.  Course for rocky, Medium for gravel.  Light for sand (a few drops of course for some rocks).  It takes paint very well.  You can shape it with a knife or finger nail.  The X-fine is great for water effects too.  Water bottle, primer, sealer, GW metals, pins and other tools.  I have some premixed washes, black, dark brown and chestnut.  Flow improver, water, alcohol and mat medium in dropper bottles.  A ceramic dish to mix washes in.  The yellow things are jar openers for grip.

One small tackle box for tools.  Glue and putty on the left.  Files, knives/blades, pinning vice/wire/dental pick and pens/sharpies.

Finish it off with a canvas roll up of brushes, I need to toss half of them in the trash can.  Keeping the brushes protected so the bristles are protected is so important.  This thing is cheap (less than $10 at Micheal’s) you fold the top over, roll it up and tie it shut.

Not shown one of those plastic cutting board and a ceramic tile.

Yes, all of that fits in one bag.  I toss it in the trunk of the car when I am traveling.  Do I paint every night?  No, but I paint more night than not….

I transport the models I am painting in the Box size PP blister with tissue paper.

I also drag this whole mess to the Whiz for Monday Night Painting.  Social painting groups are just to much fun….

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2 Responses to Painting on the Road

  1. madsiomai says:

    awesome post! love the pics–makes everything clear, seems like a ton of stuff fits in that bag!

    I’m assuming you store your figs in another carrying case?

  2. rivercitystudios says:

    That isn’t a bad way to go- I have an over-sized toolbox that holds most everything I need, including a small halogen lamp.

    Sadly, the paint desk has grown to disarray and I usually travel to the FLGS to paint anyway.

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