Project Stabby update #8 part 2

Is procrastination a disease among gamers?


How many times has something else distracted me from painting.  Not need to list them, you probably know them all and then some.

Is there a cure?  Not a permanent one that I have found.  Mood is a big one.  If I am down I tend to avoid painting.  It would be better if I painted because it seems to lighten my mood.  Is painting like meditation?  Do you get in a zone?

How important is the hobby to you or to me..  If you only want to play, why not put the pewter/ troops on the table.  A little effort and you can have the black primed army.  That is if you only care about playing.

If you enjoy the cinematic image of a good paint job on a 50 point army on a table with some nice terrain, maybe you have been hooked by the painting aspect of the hobby.

Do you have paints from at least three companies?

Have you spent more then $10 on one paint brush.

Does your desk have an area for knives, glue, pin vice, files…..

Do you have jars of dirt, flocking and other basing materials?

Do you have a desk (or table) with a big light that is reserved for painting?

I think you have the bug.    The painting bug.

Last night I got the Beast handlers to 90%, skin tone, touch up and basing left.

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