Project Stabby update #7

I was on the road for work last week and I didn’t get to post much…   Alone in a hotel room and I did some painting.  The lighting there was pretty crappy, so without good photos, why post much….   I got a lot done on the Paingivers.  All three units.

Yesterday was a long day, multiple things to do.  I did a lot of repairs to the Low Tide board.  It will be back at TempleCon with an updated Radial Scenario.

While I was doing touchup paint, wood, chain, plastic and magnet repairs, I pull out two Razor Worms.  The only figs in Stabby without a base coat.

I pulled out Seven pots of paint, Umbral Umber -> White and got started.  The general idea was a dark back and light belly.  A fast coat of Umber.

A medium brown on the belly.

Then a lighter shade on the belly plates and the muscle around the body claws.

Not bad, now I took lighter tans and shaded each plate with three different shades, lightest at the top and I did a couple of thin tan washes to even out layers.

The mouth is actually four little arms with a claw on the end.  Medium brown looked good.

The dark back plates have hair!!!!  My guess is they are for sensing vibrations, anyone ever read Dune?  Drybrushed them an off white.   Some tan highlight and dark washes gave them some definition.

Some white on the claws and steel on the flesh hooks….   They are looking nice…

On the bases, I started with a Cork layer and glued down little pieces of Cork to make it look like it was bursting from the ground.  then I added some flocking Jell ( from renaissance ink..   I love this stuff.  It is acrylic, so it cleans up with water and take paint easily.  In face, you can mix it with paint before you put it on the base.  I have used the extra fine stuff for water effect too.

So here they are.  I have some gold and Gem work left to do, but pretty much done.

Some black was on the belly to bring out the details.

To be honest, it is hard to paint a consistent color scheme like Skorne.  Red, Black, Gold, repeat, repeat, repeat, some flesh…..  It was so nice to have a change of pace.

So, tonight I get back to the grind.

An organized military like Skorne demand uniformity, therefore the uniforms should be consistent.

As an example, the two units of Bloodrunners will be different in the cloth wrap in the back that holds a piece or armor in place.  One unit will have red cloth and the other black.

If I was painting Cygnar, Khador or Menoth, I would do the same thing.  Cryx, well dead flesh is kind of a unform….

Jacks can be uniform within a unit or army.  Beast, armor uniform, skin and makings never the same.

This makes me want to paint Mercenaries.  No two units the same.

Well, enough for today….    Back to the infantry tonight..


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