Stabby Update #5

Another evening with Friends at the Whiz.  Painting and joking.

I pulled out the Cyclops Brute banner.  Such a little thing, but it sticks up in the air and I figure that some extra TLC will really top off that fig.

First I mixed up some yellow/orange (Or/Yel) on the we pallet.  Added a spot of red and black.  Got out to small brushes and the brush cleaning bottle.  Time to paint a banner.

I went to buy a bottle of decal set stuff and as I walked up Dave was picking up a bottle.  He asked what I was looking for and it turned out he was buying the same thing for his Epic stuff.  Lucky for me, he let me steal a little.  There was only one bottle.

My first step was to put down the yellow base.  I found that a black decal on a red banner doesn’t show up well.  So I use the Or/Yel to make a lighter outline for the Skorne Symbol.

Once that had dried I turned it over and added the beginning of the banner cohort info as seen in the Skorne book. Just the yellow for now.

A few minutes for that to dry.  Next I added the decal.  Always a tricky operation.  I don’t do them enough, it is a learning process every time.   Once that dried I stared to move the red in so there was just a small yellow area around the symbol.  This picture is when I was partially done. I use thin layers of paint to slowly cover.   I have a paper towel handy, so I can wipe of any excess paint.  It come off the decal easily if you get it before it dries.   A dull coat will get rid of the decal shine too…

The procedure in the Skorne book does a good job showing you how to do the other side.

I tend to make a larger stripe, circle or oval and paint over parts to make the writing on that side of the banner…

There is still some touchup and shading to do on the poles and metal.  Hope to finish it tonight.   Overall, enough detail for tonight.

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One Response to Stabby Update #5

  1. Doug says:

    I’m trying to get my banners done for my Skorne army. Could you give some insight on how you made those decals?

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