Stabby Update #4 The SUPREMES

I am probably showing my age.  In the 60s there was a singing group.  Three beautiful ladies with style and attitude.  Their music was on the radio all the time.  I listen to the music now and it is like a time warp….

Ok, what does this have to do with painting Skorne for a Lord Assassin Morghoul list.  Well, there are three Ladies in the list.  Flowing skirts, dramatic poses, attitude…

While painting the Bloodrunner Master Tormentors, I kept them lined up and I found myself humming an old tune..   Ya, it was a SUPREMES song…

So here they are appearing at a table near you.  The SUPREMES.

Last night I did a lot of touch up and shading.  These ladies are almost done.  I need to put the lighter highlights on the flesh..  Finish the weapon and they are done..

A fast question.  The whips they use, should it be a bone weapon or metal (very bright silver) ????

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3 Responses to Stabby Update #4 The SUPREMES

  1. Soulreclaimer says:

    They look at Hexeris singing “Baby love…… my baby love……. 🙂 “

  2. brotherscott says:

    They look great!

    Personal opinion- metal for the whips, though I am sure the bone would look just as good.

  3. Lycane says:

    Metal all the way!

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