Stabby update #3

Well, you might realize that I jump from one part of a project to another.  The next time I sat down to paint, I didn’t feel like working on the Cyclops Brute.  I could not find my Skorne symbol decals (home made).  So I went back to the Bloodrunners.

The gold had been highlighted.  So the next step was to add the red.  Two drops of Skorne Red, 4 drops of mixing medium and 4 drops of slow dry.  I used a small brush to add a little bit to each little area on the armor.   There are several little areas on the arms and legs.  The shoulders are one big area.  The waist is only front armor.

Here is the new unit, but I did this on both unit and all three solos.

Next I did the red cloth, based in Skorne red, I will do some shading later.  The red cloth is the back skirt, the two strips that dangle down in the front and the cloth that ties the belly armor in place.  One unit will have theses ties in Red and the other blue.  So I can tell the two apart.  Pretty easy, not much in the way.

Last I did the black cloth (coal black).  Black pants, the cloth under the forearm armor the hoody.  I had to be careful around the arm and leg armor.  Painting the hoody wasn’t hard, but I had to be careful not to get the black onto the shoulder armor.  It is easy for the black to cover the red and gold (maybe there is a plan here)…

So three solos and a dozen grunts and leaders later….

What is left.  The thigh armor will be flat black with steel armor.  The boots will be a some flat black attention to add some contrast with the pants.  The leaders get some steel on the lower half of the helmet (chin guard).   Flesh on the face, arms, hands, legs.  Base, wash and highlight…  Then touchups…

I need to figure out a way to make a small variation to the solos.  So I can tell them apart…

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2 Responses to Stabby update #3

  1. Kater says:

    Try bending their whips? One reaching back to crack it, the other flowing back from a crack of the whip. One stock, one with whip extended. Their are 4 variations, I will have to see the model again to come up with a few more.

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