Stabby Update #2

I was able to spend a day painting at the Whiz and I didn’t want to drag the whole thing with me.

So I picked up the Cyclops brute and headed the store.

He needed a lot of work.  It is easy to see I started to base coat him a while ago.  I used him in some games.  Never finished him.

I have always had a blind spot with how to painting a Cyclops.  This time I took two or three hours and just did it.

Repainted the gold, washed and highlighted like I did for the infantry.  Cleaned up the red base-coat.

Coal black for the cloth.  Medium Grey for the skin on the arms and hands with a black wash and lighter highlights.

Three color shading on the cloth and ropes.  A ton of detail on the armor.  The plates are red, but there are textured parts.  I did the texture with the three step gold and then did a Skorne red wash (2 drops of paint, 4 drops of mix medium, 4 drops of slow dry mix).

I did the body as one piece, while working on the upper arms & shield.  I was holding the forearm and painting the upper arm and shoulders.  Then I glued  the arms to the body. Finished painting the forearms.  Glued on the weapon/hand and shield.  I finished the shading on the arms, weapon and shield.

All I have left is the back banner and a final go over the model for highlights and touch ups.

I am pretty happy with this one.  Once Project Stabby is done.  I have to drop that on crappy Cyclops Savage in the Simple Green and redo him and his two brothers.   The Shaman and Molik Karn don’t seem so hard to do after this one….

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