Stabby update #1

The first time I got to work on this, I pulled out the Gold.

I use a darker gold as the base, then I do a chestnut wash to shade it.

Then I will take a nice bright gold and do a dry brush to bring out the details…

Once I had done that to all the unpainted models, I moved on to some color.  I tend to work on one unit or type of figure at a time.

I pulled out some reds and coal black and got most of the cloth done on the Paingiver Beast Handlers.

I did a black on the inside of the cape and boots.  The pants are Coal Black as are the tassels on the armor.  This will get some whitened Coal Black for highlights.  The kimono is dark red, the shading is started on that, but I need to add a lighter red or red/orange to bring out some more details.

There are two cloth/leather panels on the thighs.  These seem to be there to protect the legs from the paingiver tools.  I am in a debate.  I don’t want to make them black in any way.  Brown for leather just doesn’t seem right.  I am leaning to a very dark red/burgundy or even a red/purple.   I don’t want the tools to disappear in a brown or black background.

If you have an opinion on the thigh guards, please reply…


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