Project Stabby

Project Stabby

Tier 4: Imperial Executioners
35+6 points, 27 models

A shot of the tray that I keep them in.  From top to bottom

Two primed Razor Worms 8 pts,

Basilisk Krea 4 pts that has seen heavy use over the last couple of years and a blister with the parts I have not glued on yet.

A Rhinodon 7 pts that need some touch up

A full unit of Primed Paingiver Beast Handlers 3pts

Three Bloodrunner Master Tormentors  4 pts (one free), one is primed and the other two never got finished when I first tried them.

Lord Assassin Morghoul +6 pts needs touch up and repairs

A Cyclops Brute 5 pts that never got finish

Ttwo units of Paingiver Bloodrunners 10 pts, one primed the other with some base coat.

This is where the project was on the Thursday before Christmas.  I will post a couple of updates in the next few days to bring you up to date.

I wanted the bases to match, so I re-based the painted figures.  They will be painted a dark brown, then dry-brushed and highlight to light brown desert base.

The infantry will be pretty much traditional Skorne.  Black cloth, Red armor with Gold trim.  I had better check that pot of gold paint, I don’t want to run out.

For the 25-point list, I will not use the Rhinodon, one less Bloodrunner Master Tormentor and reduce the Paingiver Beast Handlers to a small unit.

The theme list gives me a +1 to my starting die roll, a free Bloodrunner Master Tormentor, all figures has stealth for the first round and I get to advance deploy three beasts (well 2 already have advance deploy), so they all do.

With all the beasts, two bloodrunner units and three solos that advance deploy, that leaves Morghoul and the paingivers in the back.

The Razor worms can give girded to the bloodrunners and solos, so they have stealth, perfect balance and don’t care about blast damage.  Up the table fast.  The worms can do some damage too.

Cyclops Brute can guard Morghoul and keep him on his feet.  Krea can add a little some DEF/ARM if you are worried about range attacks.

The Rhinodon is there to engage and tie up a heavy or use his tail to nail a bunch of infantry.  With a little paingiver help, this beast can put a hurt on anything.

Morghoul is the Lord Assassin and he is still pretty good at that job.  Get close, pop the feat (+2 DEF) add in some can’t be knocked down.  His spells, fan and sword give you a pretty good shot at taking out anyone caster.

I am glad I don’t pay attention to the forums.  A lot of people don’t like the Lord Assassin.  He isn’t what he was in MK1.  I have played him enough in Mk2 to know that he can drive you opponent crazy and he is fun.  Good enough for me.

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