Social Painting part two

At the Whiz, Mondays are painting nights.  Mostly adults,  you can tell by the jokes.  Once and a while we get a 10-12 year old who wants to learn how to paint.

Recently, this young lad came in to learn to paint his Space Marines.  He was above average at paying attention and learning.  Guess he isn’t drinking Mountain dew yet.  He got some more paints and seems quite happy after Chris gave him the standard painting lesson.

Fast forward a week later.  The young lad is back with a big smile on his face.  He had his stuff in a cloth grocery store bag.  He reached in and pulled his stuff out and his hand was red.  He looked confused.  He held the bag up and the bottom was red.  His pants were red.  His shirt was red.  Soon his other hand was red.  The red foundation paint pot was in the middle of everything and not sealed.   Other paint bottles, figures and almost everything was somewhat red.

A good attempt was made to clean this up, but later we found that his Grandfather car had red on the seats….

We have not seen this young lad since that night.

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One Response to Social Painting part two

  1. Jerico says:

    What an unfortunate entrance into the hobby 😦

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