Tournament Report – Death Clock

Saturday the Whiz had a 50 point tournament.   Here is the Crew

From left to right:

  • Cyril – resident Khador with an accent to match
  • Brendon – Cygnar player, traitor to Menoth
  • Andrew – Menoth player, nice job making the final four
  • Jack – Circle forever – welcome back, final four too
  • Robb – Legion Fully painted drawing winner – will paint for food 🙂
  • Hunter – youngest player – getting squished
  • Nick P – Cryx forever – escaped from N.J. – 2nd place
  • Bo – Menoth Cryx – kool with sunglasses on forehead
  • Nick H – Menoth Dwarves – Plaid Pants?
  • Jared – Circle guru – stayed up late to paint the new caster and tree – 3rd place
  • Rob – Legion – Had the most fun, just ask him
  • Hank – Cygnar – Cain forever – two scenario wins – good to see you at the table
  • Dave – Trolls – best painted winner – eDoomshaper for the win
  • Blake – Cryx – travelled down from N.H. to visit and came away with 1st place
  • Greg – Trolls – the latest in a long line of faction A.D.D.
  • Tyler – Legion – growing up fast

This one was a road test for Steamroller 2011.  Tie breakers – scenario wins, strength of schedule.

Death clock is a variation of chess clocks.  Each player gets a fixed amount of time, in this case 48 minutes each.  Normally there is a master clock with an unknown amount of time that ends the round.  Death clock eliminates the master clock.  This changes a couple of things.   Without a master clock people start as soon as they are set up.   You don’t have 12 people waiting for a smoke, soda run, biobreak…  You win by scenario or caster kill and lose if you clock runs out.  This eliminated stalling and scenario tie breakers.  It worked very well.  We had one game out of 24 end with a death clock loss.

Blake and Nick P ended up with 3-0 record, both had zero scenario wins.  It came down to strength of schedule.

Blake took 1st prize.  Cryx with Epic Asphixious.

Nick also played Cryx, here he is trying to change the die roll with his cell phone.  I don’t think it worked to well…

Jared got 3rd and the quote of the day.

“I couldn’t roll a 7 on 3 dice”

The match of the days was Jared and Blake in the first round.  It probably decided the winner.

Bad luck isn’t new to Jared, an unlucky roller kept him out of the finals at TempleCon 2010.  Better luck next time.

His Circle Caster – Cassius the Oathkeeper looked great to (sorry, no picture).  He played him and won the 2nd game, “He is a lot of fun to play”.

Robb won the fully painted raffle with a purple & blue legion …   Very nice …

Dave got the painting prize for a Character with his epic Doomshaper.

Keep up the good work Dave…….

We had over ten people enter a character to be judged.   Chris and I picked three.  Cyril’s Beast 09 and Jared’s Cassius the Oathkeeper made it a real hard choice.

Dice started rolling about 11am and we finished three rounds about 4:30.  So that is an average of about two hours a round.  We didn’t take a lunch break.

No arguments, no big questions, I wish we could have gotten started a little closer to 10:30, but it all worked out and it seems like everyone had fun….

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4 Responses to Tournament Report – Death Clock

  1. Soulreclaimer says:

    Oh I had fun.. Heck just look at that HUGE GRIN 🙂

  2. Jack says:

    Ha! Circle Forever, I like that. Not a bad job for having played my 4th, 5th, and 6th games both in MKII and since what 9-10 months ago? And with a major headache and sinus congestion to boot! I’ll take being right behind Jarred in a tournament any day. The tournament was a blast thanks Lonelymonk!

  3. CaptC says:

    Hey, Blake! You left your Cryx coin behind.

    • Blake says:

      Hmmm. I don’t think I did. I certainly have one more Cryx coin in my inventory then I did as of last Saturday. If this is just some sort of silly plot to convince me to head down again… well now, we’ll see!

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