Looking at his Feet…..

I like the Wyrd Bayou Bases I used on the Frog and decided to use them on the Warcasters and Beasts for the Gator army…  The units will get home made bases.

So I picked up the large ones for the Wrastlers.  I took a look at the feet and how they fit on the bases.   The right foot will be on the dirt and the left will be on the dock.  The feet are not centered, but on the back third so the weight will be over the middle.

Yes, I have used this shot before, get over it.

Look at the feet.

They look like pie plates.  There is dirt between his toes.  Why, trying  got metal into his toes is very hard to cast.  So the master fig has these pads to make production possible.  Think about this great looking fig on a sweet base with dirt between his toe and the dirt doesn’t match the base…

So first I got out the Saw and cut off that post on his right foot. Then I drilled and pinned his right foot and drilled the base. It is easy to see the hole in the base.

I did put the Wrastler on the base and the pie plate looked terrible.

Time for some foot surgery.

I spent some time, maybe an hour a fig and cleaned up his feet.   

I still have to smooth it out, but the welders files will get into the corners and make the claws nice and distinct.

If your doing a fancy base look at the feet, Jacks are usually easy, beasts may have some issues..

Have fun…

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