Shipping out!

This little guy is all grown up.  It is time for him to find his own way in the world. 

So, since last time we spoke.  I had the head and body pretty well done.  The right arm was attached.  I needed to paint the spears, ropes and some final touch up.   Seal it and ship it out west.

Saturday I tried my standard wood on the spear bundle.  It just didn’t look right.  To drab, to gray.

Not wanting to put to many layers of paint on and lose the wood grain.   Plop into the simple green jug for the night.   Sunday started with some warm water, dish washing liquid and a tooth brush…   A dental pick got the last little specs out of the corners.

Prime and start that spear bundle again.  I did more of an tan, thinking of Bamboo.  Washed it with some Umber + flow improver/mat medium…   Ok, far.  dry brushed the wood with some light green.  Ya, that’s working.  Finally the ‘ropes’, more light green, wash with a medium brown, high light with light green…

Waited for this to dry, then repeated it on the spear in the left hand.

Finished the Wyrd base and here is what it looks like.

Once the sealer dried, I boxed him up, remembered to put the card in the box and shipped him out to his new army..

Have fun little guy.  Make new friends and kick some butt….

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2 Responses to Shipping out!

  1. rivercitystudios says:

    He looks even better in person. Thanks, Craig!

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