Three months

I have waited three months!!!

Last August I was able get into the dealers hall at GenCon on Wednesday.  I was able to take a few photos.  The first one I snapped was all I wanted.  I knew it wasn’t on sale.  After a moment of considering how to borrow it, I figure I would get caught.

Hakaar the Destroyer has been discussed in a lot of forums & podcasts.

He is slow, but you don’t want to get in melee with a MAT 9 reach, weapon master with 2 weapons.

He is the fig that has kept me and a lot of people from building Zaal theme lists.

No more excuses.

So, how is the figure out of the package?

Three pieces, what a surprise.  The arms look like they will easily connect to the body.  You can see the two dimples on the body that will give you good contact.  You can pin it, but I am not sure you will need to.

The body has a lot of detail and has a lot of sharp edges that will make it easy to drybrush for highlights.


The back is as good as the front, great detail.

The one thing I wish.  I have the same issue with the Ancestral Guardian.  The isn’t any easy way to repose this fig.


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