Puffy Pants

I wanted to paint a frog tonight, but STUFF happens (you know what I mean).

I ended up spending hours filling out online paperwork, just a ton of stuff.  It was half past Sons of Anarchy when I got done.  Does anyone else tell time by what is on the stupid box…???

So, I opened this little guy and pinned, primed and based him.

I just got Puffy Pants  aka Aptimus Marketh.

I am sure most of you have read about what he does.  He is a lot like a Cryx Skarlock and he can use soul tokens to upkeep spells.   Ya, very sweet, if you play Skorne, you probably look at the fig and do a happy dance…  Zaal Theme he starts with 3 soul tokens..  just so nice.

I just have the feeling that he works well with every caster and he will be a game changer in a lot of lists.

Well, the miniature, simple, clean, two pieces

I have already put a little pin in the arm and primed it.

The arm has a big sleave, wtih rings in the bottom, detail on the cuff an armor and a gem.

The head has the big puffy collar like Fatso, a little armor, but mostly cloths.  This one makes me laugh.  He carries his bestest buddy around with him.  The head of an Ancestral Guardian under his left arm.   Pretty standard Skorne belt and sash.

A quick shot of his back.

The right arm and the shoulder fit together very very well.

After these photos, I cut off the tab under his feet so it was tow posts.  Cork on the base and glued him down.

The Frog is first, but he will be on the table very very soon…

Fatso + Puffy Pants = 3 x Breath of Corruption a turn …..Evil laugh…..  and it isn’t a theme list.

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