Back again

Ok, without going into details, I was sick all weekend and not great all last week…  Work -> Crash was all I could do….

A group of friends is doing a Miniature exchange, post what you want, what you will paint, someone does the matches things up and post the names.  This one isn’t a secret.  I know someone is painting me a Croak Hunter.

Scott wanted a Croak Hunter that I am painting.  So Scott, if you want to be surprised.  STOP HERE!!!

Well, I looked around and found a colorful little Central American tree frog.

Red Eyed Tree Frog to be exact.

The body has several shades of green, the belly is white with blue highlights.  Feet and hands are red/orange with green on the outside fingers.  If these little things are looked at from the back, they are green, from the belly they are white with a blue outline.  No I am not going to try to do the spots on the legs…..  I really like the bright colors, shading in some place and contrast in others.  The red eyes, green head and white chin should be good too.

So, after doing a little work on the Bayou base from Wyrd minis, I got most of the fig base coated.  I have pinned the right arm, but I won’t glue it till the back and belly are done.  Pretty close to that now.

I have been working up the body.  The feet and legs are pretty well done.  The turtle shells need a little more detail and shading.  You can see the inside of his left hand in that shot.  The under arm goes from green -> yellow -> blue with yellow/white stripes -> light blue -> white on the belly.  The skull cap isn’t done.






This give you a better look at the chin or throat.  Emphasis on the way it expands.  I need to make the upper lip and nose green. 







The bags on his left hip need shading and highlights.  Maybe some dark lining on the crab claw necklace.








The arm wrappings are almost done.  Some touch up on the left arm and hand.  I stall have to do all the ropes holding his turtle shell armor on.


Well, not done but plenty of time to finish this one and ship it….

If you sneak in here for a peak Scott, I can’t blame you.  I always tried to sneak a peak at stuff like this..

More soon, I want to finish this one this week.


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One Response to Back again

  1. Varagon says:

    That Croc looks pretty good. Nice little write-up and pic of where you got the inspiration.

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